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APEC has been providing services and products to oil and gas market. We deliver a full suite of engineering services related to the authority (CSA, CRN, ERCB…), design, engineering, procurement, construction management of natural gas, oil sands, heavy oil production and process facilities.

We are proud to be able to provide our following services and products (but is not limited to):
- Natural gas process facility and satellite (peak-shaving) station.
- Conventional oil production.
- Thermal heavy oil projects.
- SAGD well pads facility.
- Oil sands (IN-SITU/SAGD) central processing facility.
- Enhanced oil recovery nitrogen injection system.
- Mechanical vapour recompression system (Evaporator).
- Chemical dosing (injection) system.
- VRU (Liquid ring / Rotary vane compressor) package.
- IGF(Induced gas Filter) package.

With our rich experience, we can offer the market preponderant products.
- Gas-Liquid-Solid separator
- Vaporizer & heat exchanger
- Air(Gas) heater & cooler

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